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    Why Americans Love Pickups

    As rugged as a team of oxen, as charming as the log cabin, and as American as apple pie, pickup trucks are a staple of American life. Whether towing a boat to the lake or hauling a little league team on the parade route, pickups are as much a part of daily recreation and leisure as they are a crucial tool when out in the fields or on the construction site hauling materials and supplies. In case you have any doubts, here are the top five reasons Americans love pickups.

    1. It’s Our Symbol of Freedom
    The United States is a country rich in natural beauty, fertile fields, and wondrous discoveries at every new corner. That’s why the open road is so especially important to Americans, and the pickup truck is surely the most secure and rugged way to navigate this marvelous land.

    2. We Get Things Done
    Americans take great pride in being self-sufficient, and with a long history of farming, we can thank pickup trucks for bolstering our self-reliance. Whether farming your land, hauling materials, or just delivering you safely from place to place, a pickup truck helps you use your own ingenuity to accomplish the hard tasks.

    3. We Like to Help
    When it comes to transporting landscape materials, moving furniture, towing a broken down car, and so much more, everyone needs a friend with a pickup. You can be the go-to guy or gal for your friends and family with the strength and security that come with these tough vehicles.

    4. They Go Back To Our Roots
    Foraging through the countryside and venturing off the beaten path, Americans have a rich and rugged history in crossing untrodden ground. While it’s a far cry from the days of the oxen and covered wagon, the pickup truck symbolizes so much of our pioneering spirit.

    5. Speed and Versatility
    As you can see, there are so many romantic reasons why Americans love pickups, but sometimes it just comes down to the sheer facts. Pickups are utterly reliable and have the power and speed to get things done quickly. And they’re also equally suited for both hauling lumber and picking up your date for a night out.

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