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    What Your Favorite Game Says About You

    Whether it's knitting, hiking or sitting down at your favorite game, your hobbies and interests can reveal quite a bit about your personality. While you may be able to say a lot about your favorite table games, you’ve perhaps never wondered what your choice game has to say about you.

    Whether you’re extroverted, shy, a top strategist or someone who relies on luck, find out which table game suits you, and on your next casino visit, enjoy the thrill, suspense and the fun of your favorite game.

    1. Blackjack: Analytical, Flamboyant, Insightful
    This is the perfect game for those who love strategy and crunching figures. This table is a dramatic stage to calculate risks, take control and try your luck, too.

    2. Craps: Outgoing, Bold, Assertive
    Loud and boisterous, the game of craps is a great fit for extroverts who like to shout, scream, and order bets with gusto. If you’re looking for a lively table where you can express yourself, craps is right for you.

    3. Roulette: Introvert, Shy, Easygoing
    With a slower pace and rules that are easy to learn, roulette is the perfect game for those who like to skip the drama. No need to feel self-conscious or competitive as your bets don’t have any effect on other players.

    4. Poker: Competitive, Ambitious, Social
    With drama, strategy and chance, poker has it all. In this game of winner-takes-all, competition and interplay between participants is crucial, and those with ambitious and extroverted personalities enjoy it best.

    5. Baccarat: Flashy, Upscale, Refined
    If you’re dressed to the nines and feel a little bit like an undercover agent, baccarat is a fitting choice for your evening gaming. Delight in this suspenseful and intriguing game as you enjoy the attentive service at the table.

    No matter what your style or which games you know and love, Lady Luck Casino® Nemacolin has it all when it comes to table games. With nearly 30 tables, featuring Blackjack (with a wide variety of available side bets), Roulette, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker and Mississippi Stud™ games, our wide offerings provide a fun night of gaming for everyone.

    To add to the excitement, the Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin is proud to present our newest games & side bets:

    • Blazing 777 BlackjackSM
      Available every day, this game has a $5 added bet with two cards and a first hit card. The progressive pot starts at $10,000, and any three 7s awards 200-to-1. Plus, three 7s of the same color earns $1,000!
    • 21 Plus 3
      If you think Blackjack is exciting, you’ll love it with a combination of Three Card Poker.
    • In Between
      Win one of five big payouts when the dealer’s up card falls between your first two cards!

    On Saturday, July 16, don’t miss the Bank It Blackjack Tournament! This $100 Buy-In tournament grants every participant two $25 Match Play coupons. Remember to invite your friends: the more the merrier, and it makes for a bigger prize pool! Registration for the tournament begins at 3 p.m. and play begins at 5 p.m.

    Now you know what your favorite table game says about you, and with our Double Fun Mondays, it has never been a better time to get out and have some gaming fun this month. From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every Monday in July, we’ll double your July weekly cash or Match Play coupons, after an hour of rated table play (only weekly core mailer coupons will be doubled).

    We can’t wait to see you at your favorite table game this month!


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