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    Unique Thanksgiving to Try This Year!

    Thanksgiving celebrations are often steeped in tradition. While there are certain dishes that we each believe we simply must find on our Thanksgiving tables, it doesn't mean we can't still mix things up a bit! Treat your (and your guests') taste buds to these unique main and side dish options that will add some distinctive flair to your festivities this November 24th:

    One-of-a-Kind Sides

    Delivering the seasonal flavors of winter squash and cider, this soup is unexpected in a few ways. First, it gives us an opportunity to take the squash off our crowded table with the rest of our sides screaming for a little palatal attention and allows us to serve it as its own first course. Second, unlike most squash soups that take forever, this one whips up in just 30 minutes.

    This dish quickly proves that the only thing better than bacon is bacon with bourbon and pecans. Sweet, savory, salty and a touch of heat all come together in this heavenly morsel. It touts a creamy yet crunchy texture that will quickly earn its place on your tablescape for years to come.

    Not a typo: stuffing muffins is an actual thing. Whether it's referred to as stuffing or dressing in your home, everyone will agree on one thing: these pre-portioned bites are deliciously crispy on the outside and comfortingly soft on the inside.

    Matchless Main Courses

    Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast
    Feeding a smaller crew means you can forego cooking a gargantuan turkey; opt instead for more manageable turkey breasts. We've already agreed that everything is better with bacon, and these birds are no exception. Pair this recipe with the above sweet potato casserole for a culinary match made in food heaven.

    Sweet Tea and Citrus-Brined Turkey
    If you do opt for a full bird, it's critical to avoid the dreaded "Dry Turkey Syndrome" at all costs. Not to worry; this sweet tea and citrus-brined turkey recipe tenderizes the poultry for a final meal that your guests will love.

    What Are You Thankful For?
    Get into the spirit of gratitude with us at Lady Luck® during our "What Are You Thankful For" giveaway! Tell us what you are thankful for a chance to win FanPlay® prizes. Earn entries November 1st through the 28th. Swipe your Fan Club® card at the kiosk to receive a slip, write what you are thankful for and drop it in the drawing drum located at The Lone Wolf®. On Tuesday, November 29 at 7:00pm, we will draw 25 winners of $100 in FanPlay.

    To wrap it all up, you should be doing two things this Thanksgiving season: try some new delicious recipes and visit us for our What Are You Thankful For giveaway. Happy holidays, everyone!
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