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    Try Craps On For Size at Lady Luck® Nemacolin!

    Follow the sights and sounds of excitement at Lady Luck®, and we're sure you'll end up at a craps table! This fast-moving dice game brings players together to celebrate small and large victories as a group. We'll give you a quick rundown on the basics of the game and prepare you to win at our casino.

    The game starts with two key people. A boxman supervises the game and places bets into a dropbox. A stickman sits across from the boxman and pushes dice to players with a stick. The stickman keeps the excitement high and calls out results for each roll.

    The player who wants to roll the dice is called a "shooter" and places a bet on a pass line or Don't Pass Bar section of the craps table. The shooter rolls two dice across the table in hopes of getting a point.

    Players on the Pass Line roll dice and try to get a 7 or 11 for a win. A 2, 3 or 12 roll is a "crap out," meaning that the player loses. Any other number is a box point and a chip is placed on a corresponding box. Players win the bet if that number is rolled by another participant before a 7 is rolled. A bet on the Don't Pass line is the opposite, where 7 and 11 lose and 2, 3 and 12 win.

    Craps is a lively game and easy to understand once you get into the excitement of gameplay. We at Lady Luck are here to help you win with some legends and trivia about this animated table game.

    Five Fun Facts About the Game of Craps
    1. Craps may be the reason that the term "Lady Luck" was coined! Superstitions claim that a first time male player on the table is bad luck, while a beginner female brings success to all players.
    2. Another superstition involves the roll of the dice. Rumors are that the dice must stay on the table and not fly off or hit chips. These moves are said to bring a 7 roll into play. Some superstitious players even believe that you shouldn't say "seven" at the table!
    3. The game of craps can be traced back as far as the Crusades and is a variation of the English game, Hazard. Craps came to the United States by way of Louisiana and remains popular today.
    4. The name "craps" came from the French word crapaud, meaning "toad." Street players used to play craps illegally and had to crouch and scoot over the sidewalk to hide their gaming.
    5. Craps shows up in a variety of movies and television shows. The musical "Guys and Dolls" features active craps games and came up with the term "Snake Eyes," or when two dice show a 1.

    Craps and More Table Games at Lady Luck
    We're proud to present a variety of table games here at Lady Luck! Try your chances at one of our two high-speed craps tables and don't forget to check out our blackjack games. We also feature roulette, poker, and a new mini baccarat game on the floor.

    We're not worried about superstitions and make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to win at our casino. Join the Fan Club® to gain access to promotions and sweepstakes entries simply by playing! Roll the dice and watch the fun come in when you join us for craps at Lady Luck Nemacolin.


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