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    Still Cold Outside! 5 Fun Facts About the Winter

    While winter rages on outside, everyone is looking for something to do indoors. One of the best things to do is learn new things about winter and try to make the cold weather more interesting.

    As you walk around during a light snowfall, you can actually see the individual snowflakes, even while you curse their very existence. Snowflakes, for the most part, are around a half-inch in diameter and thinner than a dime. Those little guys all group together to create what we commonly refer to as "more stupid snow."

    Fact #1. The largest snowflake ever… recorded was found in Fort Keogh, Montana and it was 15 inches in diameter. Seeing something the size of a hubcap falling towards you from the sky would be fun if it were the thickness of a dime. This record-setting Godzilla snowflake was 8-inches thick and probably fed on neighborhood pets. Try to imagine an entire snowfall of flakes that big and it can actually make you appreciate the snow falling outside your window right now.

    Fact #2. Winter protection. We wear boots, gloves, and jackets to protect us from the cold chill of winter's icy blast. When the temperature gets below freezing, it can make just about everything seem miserable. If you think a few degrees below freezing is bad, then you should try experiencing -198 degrees Fahrenheit. You can rest easy about having to deal with a temperature like that because it was recorded in the wastelands of Antarctica! But it can really help to put things into perspective when it's 10 degrees outside.

    Fact #3. No winter would be complete without a snowman, and no fact about winter would be complete without a town of determined people who decided to build the largest snowman in the world. The town of Bethel, Maine decided that building the tallest snowman in the world would be a great community project and would bring a lot of attention to the little Maine community. So they took five months to build a snowman that was 113 feet high and 7 inches tall.

    This amazing accomplishment required the coordination and dedication of the entire town. The feat got the town into the "Guinness Book of World Records," where it remains today. Still, it had to be a little depressing when spring rolled around and all of that hard work melted away.

    Fact #4. A septillion snowflakes. We talked about the Godzilla snowflake and how weird it would be if suddenly every snowflake was that size. After all, a lot of snowflakes fall to create the average winter landscape. Actually, it is estimated that 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that's one septillion) snowflakes fall around the world every winter. When you try to imagine that number of 15-inch wide snowflakes falling in the same year, you can see the bullet we dodge each and every winter.

    Fact #5. Indoor entertainment does the winter body good! The best way to combat the winter is to plan some great indoor activities, like enjoying a warm fire and a warm blanket. A nice spa day, like the one you can have at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, will completely shake the winter blues. Imagine sitting in a relaxing spa as the winter winds knock furiously at the walls outside. It will make you feel relaxed and pretty special at the same time.

    The Lady Luck Casino® has plenty of ways to shrug off the cold including live entertainment and a large buffet. Listening to some music and eating good food are two excellent ways to leave the cold behind and enjoy yourself, and that special someone.

    Winter is still blowing outside, but that doesn't mean that it has to ruin your fun. Come on in and see us and put winter behind you… for a few hours anyway!

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