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    Last Minute Halloween Costumes

    It’s no secret… We often find ourselves facing the end of yet another October having no idea what to be for Halloween. Fortunately, last minute doesn't have to mean lame. Here are 10 creative & quick costume concepts for this year’s party:

    Rosie the Riveter
    Rosie the Riveter is still recognizable in just a single glance, over 70 years later. Best of all, you probably have everything for this ensemble hanging in your closet. You will need:
    • Long-sleeved denim top (sleeves rolled, of course)
    • Jeans
    • Red bandana (tied around in your hair)
    • Thick, poufy bangs
    • 1940’s makeup (bold red lips, thick, sweeping black eyeliner)

    There's a reason why vampire costumes are Halloween staples – you can get as creative as you want and they are super simple to pull together. You will need:
    • Black clothing
    • Black cape
    • Pair of vampire fangs

    That’s it! Slick your hair back and you've instantly transformed into a creature of the night.

    Waldo and Wenda
    Here's a great couple's get-up that you and your sweetheart won't have to put a lot of time and effort into making. You will need:
    • Red and white striped shirts
    • Black, round-rimmed glasses
    • Jeans

    Greek God / Greek Goddess
    Be sure to channel your inner John Belushi and occasionally chant, "toga! toga!" for authenticity when sporting your Greek god / goddess attire. You will need:
    • White sheet
    • Gold rope to wear as a belt
    • Gold bracelet
    • Gold laurel headband

    If you literally have no time to shop or craft, but have a uniform hanging somewhere in your closet, this is the perfect outfit for you. No need for instructional bullets; simply gear up in your sportswear, add a ball (or racquet, bat or club) and you are ready to do Halloween up right.

    Miley Cyrus
    Go Miley Cyrus circa her Wrecking Ball phase to be easily identifiable. Wear a crazy outfit, put your hair up in two tiny buns, carry a teddy bear (or foam finger) and stick your tongue out every chance you get.

    Men in Black
    If you have a black suit, tie and sunglasses in your closet, you have everything you need to dress up as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from MIB. Carry something long, cylindrical and silver as your memory eraser and your costume is complete.

    Dora the Explorer
    If you already have a short brown bob haircut, you are almost halfway to completing this easy (and comfortable) outfit. You will need:
    • Pink shirt
    • Orange shorts
    • Sneakers
    • Purple backpack

    For extra costume credit, add a rolled-up map sticking out of your backpack.

    Once again, you just need a little creativity and a full closet to put this look together. You will need:
    • Green, baggy t-shirt
    • Brown pants
    • Unshaven face

    An old stuffed animal dog can act as a great prop!

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