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    How to Watch The Big Game 2015

    While watching the Big Game can be exciting on its own, there’s always the opportunity to enhance the atmosphere by adding a few games of your own.

    None of these have to be complicated, so that everyone can take part and join in the fun. Take a look at some of our ideas to add a little extra fun into your big game day watching!

    Football Squares: This is probably the most popular contest connected to the Big Game. The process of setting this game up is to make up a grid that has 10 horizontal and 10 vertical lines within it. This offers a total of 100 possibilities for those taking part in the contest. Each person then selects any box (or boxes) they wish. When the box is completely filled in, single digits from 0-9 are separately selected for both the horizontal and vertical sides, with each team represented on either side. At the end of each quarter, the last digit of each team’s score that corresponds with a specific box wins for that quarter. A nice little way to keep things interesting.

    Football Bingo: Homemade bingo cards that contain standard football terms, as opposed to numbers, are made up prior to the game. Every time one of the Big Game announcers uses a word listed on a person’s card, it’s marked off. The first person to fill their card or complete a pre-determined pattern is the winner! What better prize than bragging rights! Woohoo!

    Pick the Winner: As people arrive, ask them to write down who they think will win the game and what they think the final score will be. Some previous games of this type have been offensive shootouts that go down to whichever team happens to have the ball last. Meanwhile, some Big Games have been defensive struggles where just reaching the end zone is an accomplishment. There’s no guarantee that the pregame analysis will pan out, so what seems like a crazy prediction before the coin toss can sometimes turn out to the end result.

    Separating the Sides: Some Big Game parties have fans of both teams who are trying to passionately root their team to their victory. You can set up seats in front of your television that are organized by team. Depending on your available time and creative urges, you can decorate each side in team colors of the two squads playing. This is a great way to really get your guests into the competitive spirit.

    Commercial Choices: For every Big Game party, there always seems to be people there who have more interest in the costly, heavily produced ads that are broadcast throughout the game. To get them involved, you can do some quick polling to determine which ads your group thinks were the best. The following day, any number of media outlets will have their own polls, and you can compare how your group did.

    The kind of games where you win money!: You might agree that the best games to play during the big game are the ones where you win a hefty prize at the end. We hear you loud and clear! At the Lady Luck® Nemacolin in Farmington, you can have lots of fun and games while you watch football on our Big Screen. There will be Cheap Eats and Drink Specials before and during the Big Game, with $3 loaded chili, $2 nachos as well as $1 hot dogs and Miller Lite drafts.

    So join us here where there will also be drawings every quarter for such things as Fan Play, Match Play and the Miller Lite Best Seat in the House - :where you could win a leather recliner which will be parked in the middle of our viewing party, plus you and three friends will be able to snack on tailgating food for free during the game! During halftime, why spend time watching singers when you can take part in the Football Drawings where you might win such things as a t-shirt or some FanPlay prizes? Fun like that can’t be beat, so if you want some fun with your game, come join us at Lady Luck Nemacolin. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more game day updates!

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