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    Futuristic Gaming

    In 1964, the first slot machines with electronic microprocessors were introduced into the market. These machines generated outcomes that relied on a computer “brain” rather than physical mechanisms. The new technology made slots more secure, cheat-proof, allowed them to hold larger sums of money which guaranteed generous jackpots.

    A decade later, the first true video slot, The Fortune Coin™, was manufactured using a 19-inch television screen combined with a computer-controlled slot game. The new machine offered better control over odds, payouts and security features. Video slots were largely unwanted until the development of video poker by Sircoma®, now called International Game Technology (IGT)®. People readily accepted this game and gained confidence in the technology used for all video slot games.

    Video slot machines are currently a multi-billion dollar industry and continue to improve each year. Modern machines have an infinite variety of reels, play lines, symbols, jackpot sizes, and wager amounts. As technology improves, video slots are becoming more convenient for both casinos and players. Upcoming trends include:

    • Slot machines with high definition screens and better speakers.
    • Wireless devices that allow people to play games like Keno™ while sitting in public areas.
    • Increase in networked slot machines that generate a feeling of community among players.
    • Increase in the use of motion sensors so players can play the game with hand gestures, including picking up virtual playing cards off a table.
    • Multi-purpose machines that act as a gaming machine, point-of-sale device, digital sign, and kiosk.
    • Arcade-style casino games that encourage skill based tasks.
    • Record of a player’s progress that’s accessible on their smart phone.
    • Giant leader boards listing top competitors vying for prizes in skill games.
    • Flat touchscreen gaming tables with drink holders.
    • Updated regulations that consider new gaming concepts.
    • Improved 3D slots with better animated sequences, extensive voice acting and advanced 3D animation effects similar to those in Sphinx 3D™.

    An already well-established trend is themed slot machines. The most widely used themes are films, television shows, sports, seasons, comic book characters, and notable historical heroes. At Lady Luck® Nemacolin, we offer popular themed games including Temple Tiger™, Storm Queens™, Moon Maidens™, Sphinx™ and A Christmas Story™.

    Our latest addition, Blazing 7s™, is a progressive slot machine that blends old school features with new gaming technology. The three reels, retro-style symbols, and easy to understand pay table make this slot a popular choice within the casino. A new side bet feature and fast spinning reels offer players an exciting experience as well as the opportunity to win a large jackpot. We’re proud to be the first and only casino in Pennsylvania to have Blazing 7s on the game floor!

    Lady Luck Nemacolin is always improving our slot and video poker options. We offer nearly 600 machines from penny slots to $100 slots. If you choose to play high limit slots, we provide you with an exclusive, relaxed environment with a high roller menu. Our casino hosts are always available to answer any questions, address concerns, and fulfill requests as needed. We strive to offer exceptional service in our dining establishments as well as on the game floor!

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