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    #FeelFree to Be You at Lady Luck Casino® Nemacolin!

    Isle of Capri Casinos®, Inc started as a humble riverboat casino in Bettendorf, IA in 1991. Since that time, we’ve opened fourteen properties across the country, with locations from Florida to Colorado, but have never lost sight of our roots. We’re a place where you always feel welcome and where you never need to act like someone you’re not. No one here is snobby, exclusive, or pretentious – Lady Luck Casino® Nemacolin is a place you can be completely yourself.

    “We don’t want our guests to feel like guests, we want them to feel right at home when they play with us,” says Stacy DeWalt, Chief Marketing Officer of Isle of Capri Casinos®, Inc. “The best compliment we hear is – ‘I feel like I belong here.’” And we guarantee you belong here. We accept all kinds of funny gaming rituals and love enthusiasm. If you don’t have any particular rituals just yet, just ask our friendly staff, and they will be happy to share some suggestions that work!

    Here at Lady Luck® Nemacolin, we know exactly who we are, and exactly what we mean to our community and our patrons. We aren’t Vegas… and we love that, because here you can be exactly who you want to be, which is yourself.

    Our new Feel Free to Feel Free™ mantra demonstrates this attitude perfectly.

    Whether it’s building up a structure with your chips or kissing the slot machine every time you pull the lever, this is the place where any of that is welcome.

    DeWalt says, "The best part of my job is spending time with our employees and hearing about the fun times they are having with our customers.” No matter what ritual you have, join in on the good times with staff and patrons alike at Lady Luck Casino® Nemacolin. Everyone always has the same chance at winning… but sometimes a few little superstitions feel like they get you there more often.

    For even more good luck, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to play our Feel Free to Feel Free™ giveaways for a chance to win some awesome prizes. You can always #FeelFree to Feel Free™ at Lady Luck®!
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