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    Epic Road Trips in Pennsylvania

    As the temperatures are rising and you are coming out of winter hibernation, it’s time to start planning some epic road trips for the spring and summer… and we’ve got three spectacular road trips in Pennsylvania that’ll be the perfect way to make memories and see more of this beautiful state. Imagine it now: wind blowing through your hair, road beneath your tires. Can’t get much better than that! Let’s get planning.

    Ultimate Pennsylvania Waterfall Road Trip

    Don’t listen to TLC’s famous lyrics, because on this road trip you definitely will be chasing waterfalls. Pennsylvania has tons of waterfalls to be enjoyed and this road trip in the eastern part of the state includes some of the most stunning.

    This 6-hour loop starts and ends at Glen Onoko Falls. Located near Weatherly, the path the get to the falls is the most difficult you’ll encounter all day, but it sure is beautiful! Beware that the round trip 4.1-mile path to these falls is quite steep and is only open from March to November.

    After returning to your car, it’s time to head northwest where you’ll be greeted by Ricketts Glen State Park, one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful parks. Packed with 22 waterfalls, you could easily spend all day here. Be sure to get to the Ganoga Falls. At 94 feet tall, this towering beauty is the tallest falls in Ricketts Glen State Park.

    Continue heading in a clockwise direction and you’ll come across Bowman Hollow Falls, Osterhout Falls and Nay Aug Falls. Quick stops at each should suffice. The final two stops on our route are Buskhill Falls, which is lovingly referred to as the “Niagra of Pennsylvania” and requires an entry fee and Slateford Creek Waterfalls. Each of the final stops has several falls in the vicinity and it’s well worth spending a bit of time exploring each area. End your road trip in the nearby town of Stroudsburg or continue on to Glen Onoko Falls to finish the loop.

    Haunted Pennsylvania Road Trip

    Whether or not you believe in ghosts, this road trip will take you to some of the scariest places in Pennsylvania. So pack your car with snacks and all the essentials and get ready for the biggest fright of your life!

    Pennsylvania has many spooky legends, so you’ll have plenty of haunted places to add to your road trip. Anyone seeking a little scare should include a stop at Hill View Manor in New Castle. Built in 1924, this home for the mentally ill is said to have 100 bodies buried beneath its floors. Their spirits still roam the grounds and the most famous ghost, Mary Virginia, is often spotted carrying a doll.

    Your haunted road trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Centralia, a ghost town that draws visitors with mysterious smoke that seeps from the ground. An underground fire allegedly started in a mine in 1962 and continues burning to this day.

    Hansell Road, near Buckingham, has a creepy forest and makes another good stop on this road trip before continuing onto the Van Sant Covered Bridge in New Hope. Be sure to read up on the creepy local legend that makes this bridge famous.

    Some additional stops to add to your trip include Eastern State Penitentiary and Pennhurst State Hospital and School (which has partially been turned into a haunted house). This road trip culminates at Pennsylvania’s most haunted site: Gettysburg. More than 55,000 men were killed or injured during the 3-day battle in 1863. The spookiest time to visit Gettysburg is at dusk, when mist settles in. Past visitors have told stories of seeing ghosts all throughout the area and most specifically at Devil’s Den, an area used for snipers.

    Pennsylvania’s Natural Wonders Road Trip

    Pennsylvania is saturated with beauty and seeing all the natural wonders in one road trip would be nearly impossible. We’ll share some of the most gorgeous spots in the state, so you can get started planning an epically beautiful road trip.

    Seven Tubs Natural Area is a slice of paradise. This series of tubs and natural waterslides is a perfect way to start your road trip refreshed. You next stop is at Dinosaur Rock near Elizabethtown. This natural rock formation is curiously in the shape of a dinosaur. After snapping a few photos, head to Penn’s Cave and Wildlife Park, where you can take a motorboat ride through the water canyon and take a wildlife tour.

    The next stop on this road trip will feel like you’ve been transported to another world. Kinzua Bridge State Park features a 600-foot skywalk that sits more than 300 feet above the forest canopy. After a picnic lunch, head to the Cloudersport Ice Mine. A natural phenomenon occurs during the summer months when the water in this mine turns to ice. Talk about a refreshing stop during the blistering heat of July!

    The last stop on this road trip is to Cherry Springs State Park, which is known as one of the nation’s best places to go stargazing. Set up camp for the night and take in spectacular views of the Milky Way in one of the darkest spots on the east coast.

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