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    Celebrate Summer with Scrumptious Seafood

    There’s so much about seafood worth celebrating. From exciting flavors, tantalizing textures and a “boat” load of health benefits (see what we did there?), there’s no better time to explore the depth and variety of fresh seafood like summertime. Here are three tips to help you dive into the deep end and get your seafood on:

    1. Make your seafood stretch

    Seafood doesn’t have to break the bank, in fact, it can often be purchased less expensively than beef or pork if you shop the sales.

    Combining your seafood of choice (shrimp or crab, for example) with a hearty dish will carry it farther and make less of an impact on your budget. Pasta is always a great way to showcase seafood, and recipes for delicious sauces like Alfredo and clam sauce are relatively easy to find online. Featuring seafood in showy dishes like pasta also helps introduce it to pickier eaters who might be intimidated by a large slab of fish on their plate. A little goes a long way in both budget terms and reaching seafood newcomers.

    2. Explore new cooking techniques

    As many a chef will tell you, cooking seafood isn't difficult, and the simpler you make it, the better. It’s easy to overcook seafood in the oven if you’re not paying attention, so consider exciting new ways to prepare your catch. Open flame barbecuing helps infuse smoky, complex flavors into the meat, while sautéing seafood in the pan with flavored butters and herbs is one of the simplest and most satisfying methods of preparation.

    Get creative with your dishes and open up new flavors and cooking methods for you and your family.

    3. Break out of your culinary rut

    There are so many seafood offerings out there that you should never get stuck in a dinner rut. If you’re unsure of where to begin, ask your local grocer at the seafood counter for a new fish or shellfish to try. Often, they have their own preparation tricks and techniques and they’ll gladly share.

    Have some fun with your dinner and don’t be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone.

    Don’t want to spend time in the kitchen? Let us at Lady Luck® do the hard work for you and enjoy this month’s Seafood Takeover Specials.

    All entrees are $25 and include the following options:

    Lobster dinner: Live Maine Lobster, served with drawn butter and your choice of two sides
    Fried jumbo shrimp for two with French fries and coleslaw
    Fish Fry for two with French fries and coleslaw
    Shrimp scampi with choice of two sides
    Seafood imperial with choice of two sides
    New England boiled dinner with steamed clams, steamed shrimp, smoked sausage, new potatoes and corn on the cob
    Crab boil featuring snow crab legs with new potatoes and corn on the cob.

    Sides include: smashed potatoes, green beans, French fries, creamed spinach, baked potato, asparagus, mashed sweet potato, seasonal vegetable and garlic parmesan orzo.

    Summer’s a great time to enjoy the longer days and warmer nights with fun at Lady Luck. With endless games and scheduled activities like dancing and live DJs, the warmer days of summer are a perfect time to break out of your social rut and make some new friends.

    We hope to see you soon!

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