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    Best Mother's Day Gifts for the Mom Who Has It All

    This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 8, giving you only a few more weeks to find the perfect gift. When your mom has it all, gift-giving is even more difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few ideas to help make this Mother’s Day special.

    1. Day at the Spa
    Pampering is appreciated by most people, but tends to be something moms don’t purchase for themselves. It’s a way of saying “Thanks for being selfless, now it’s your turn to relax.” Most spas offer package deals which include multiple treatments for the ultimate relaxation experience, but even a simple massage is a well-received gift. Be sure to shop around to find the perfect spa for your mom.

    2. Fitness Tracker
    Fitness isn’t a craze, it’s a lifestyle. The recent boom in fitness trackers opened the doors for numerous styles that track steps, calories burned, heart rate monitoring and timed activities. Some can even receive phone calls. There’s a style for every budget and health goal. It’s a great tool for creating a healthy, long life — something all moms deserve.

    3. Kitchen Tools
    We don’t mean a normal serving spoon or plain bowl, we mean customized and interesting kitchen tools your mom will cherish: cutting boards with carved initials, Himalayan salt Tequila shot glasses, wooden wine glasses, even a make-it-yourself hot sauce kit. Get creative and consider what your mom will adore. Don’t be afraid of going big with an ice cream maker or practical with a new Chef’s knife. Look for anything that makes cooking and eating more fun.

    4. Personalize with Photos
    Photos are especially great gifts for families living apart. Make a family album that covers a few decades or just a few months. Don’t forget about mugs, notebooks, and cell phone covers that feature beloved pictures. Take the idea a step further by gathering the entire family for a photo shoot; it’ll make your mom happy and create family memories for everyone.

    5. Get Crafty
    If you’re on a budget, great with your hands, or have kids that want to make something for grandma, then personalized, homemade projects are the way to go. Numerous ideas are all over the internet so it’s a matter of finding something your mom will enjoy. A few ideas include homemade salt scrubs and lotions, hand stamped canvas bags, and painted vases and pots. Take it a step further by photographing your kids while they make their gifts for grandma, then include the photos for an added touch of love.

    Remember than spending time together trumps most gifts, so be sure to treat mom to a Mother’s Day meal and even a day out. Here at the Lady Luck® Nemacolin, mom can play over 600 games and enjoy delicious meals. Come see for yourself!


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