• Beat the Cash Claw: Tips & Tricks

    If you think claw machines are just for kids trying desperately to win a stuffed teddy bear, you are sorely mistaken! Our Cash Claw Progressive at Lady Luck® gives players the opportunity to win a share of more than $100,000 in cash and prizes. That’s right – this arcade staple has an adult twist! But how can you up your odds of winning? Though it’s not an exact science, we’ve gathered a handful of tips and tricks to up your game! Who knows, they may just help you win big!

    1. Be realistic
    Choose the prize you will grab before even touching the joystick. Anything against the glass should be off limits, as should objects that are clearly wedged against other prizes. Choosing one that you feel is realistic to grab is essential to being successful in this game, even if it’s not the prize you desire most.

    2. Pay attention to the surroundings
    Observe the objects around the prize you are after. Imagine their weight and shape, and then visualize what will happen to the surrounding objects when you attempt to grab your prize. Strategize based on this visualization and adjust slightly to the left or right accordingly.

    3. It’s in the details
    Before you drop the claw, take a breath and make sure it is directly above your prize. Don’t rush to drop it without ensuring you’re positioned correctly. Make small moves until you’re completely happy with the claw’s position. Even the smallest of adjustments can make all the difference.

    4. Make small adjustments
    Pay attention to how the machine reacts to your movements. If it pulls slightly to the right, you’ll want to even it out by aiming a bit to the left. Being flexible and adapting to the machine is essential when trying to grab the prize. Stay focused and really pay attention to how the claw reacts, making small adjustments to stay on track.

    5. Step aside
    When moving the claw to the left or right, stand directly in front of the claw machine so your vision is centered. When you move the claw forward and backward, however, step to the side of the machine. This new perspective will actually help you see exactly where the claw should be positioned. Moving the claw forward and backward while standing in front of the machine will actually distort your perception, and you most likely will not position it correctly.

    Now that you have some tricks up your sleeve, it’s time to plan your trip to Lady Luck and partake in the fun! With more than $100,000 in prizes on the line, you’ll find at least one reason to smile when you play the Cash Claw Progressive.

    How it works:

    The game features a claw machine, and each week finalists will have a chance to grab the total progressive amount. If it’s not claimed, it will continue to rise – by a cool $2,000 each week – for the next week’s finalists to attempt. Be here every Saturday in January at 9 p.m. for a chance to be one of our 10 winners. One will get a chance to use our Cash Claw Machine to grab the progressive prize! And with some great FanPlay® prizes, the other 9 finalists won’t go empty handed!

    How to play:

    Earn one free entry daily and earn additional entries by playing your favorite slots or table games. Drawings for the finalists will take place at The Lone Wolf® Express and will run all year. Check our website for the most current progressive amount, or follow our Facebook® page for updates (including any winners) every Friday.