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    8 Unique New Year's Resolutions

    If you’re a regular gym goer, you know that January 1st means an influx of crowds, packed with people who have made resolutions to get healthier. While exercising more and eating better aren’t bad goals, why not be more creative this year? Add a little more fun when thinking of a resolution! Check out 8 off-the-beaten-path ideas that’ll make your resolution a little more fun & achievable.

    1. Learn Three Jokes
    A great way to break the ice or to make an impression is a perfectly timed joke. Practice two or three different jokes in front of the mirror until you can rattle them off from memory (make sure at least one is appropriate for all audiences).

    2. Learn Something You Never Did as a Child
    Channel your younger self and think of something you never did as a child. Perhaps you never learned to rollerblade or play chess… It’s a great opportunity to learn something new. Pick up that new skill in 2017!

    3. Try Some New, Healthy Foods
    Going on a diet is a popular resolution. It’s also exceedingly difficult to maintain. Make it a little easier on yourself this year by adding in new foods rather than depriving yourself. Shop the fruit and vegetable section of your grocery store with an eye toward picking up something you’ve never eaten before. Maybe this is the year you try Chinese long beans or lychee, or revisit the Brussel sprouts you hated as a child (they go great with bacon, as most things do)!

    4. Create a Tradition
    All traditions have to start somewhere, so make this the year that you create one of your own! Maybe you’d like to plant a tree on Arbor Day, or you and a few friends really want to start a monthly movie marathon. Whatever it is, make sure it’s fun and something you really want to do.

    5. Read Something New
    Most of us get our news and information from the same old sources – this could be the year that you break that habit. A new publication could open your eyes to new perspectives. Plus, there are so many to choose from, so think about your interests and start from there!

    6. Take Five Photos in Five New Places
    This is a great way to work new experiences into your everyday life. If you’re planning an exotic trip, of course you’re going to take photos, but why not make the everyday more exotic? Think of five places you’ve never been, even if they’re in your own town, and capture the moment.

    7. Make the Everyday Unusual
    Along the same lines, at least once a week, figure out how to make your typical day a little different. Maybe you have some nice jewelry that you never wear – sport it to work on a Tuesday. Maybe you own fancy dishes that you only use on special occasions – who’s to say that your next pizza party isn’t one?

    8. Do for Others
    Most resolutions are centered on doing something for yourself. This year, maybe you’d like to concentrate on doing for others. Small gestures, even a smile for someone who might be having a rough day, can make someone else’s life just a little bit brighter. You’ll feel better as well.

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    Happy New Year, everyone!
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