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    5 Ways You Know Spring Has Arrived!

    Warmer temperatures and sunny skies are right around the corner! We know it can be hard to wait for the seasonal switch to spring, but here are 5 signs that springtime is here:

    1. Plants Start to Bloom
    Take a look in your backyard. If you’re starting to see red buds on the maples and maybe a few yellow daffodils peeking through, that’s a good sign that spring is on its way. It’ll also smell spring-like outside – a combination of grass, earth, and rain that can’t be replicated any other time of the year.

    2. Wardrobe Update!
    When you go to your favorite clothing store, you should be seeing brighter colors and lighter fabrics on display – a sure indication that spring is just around the corner and that it’s time to update your wardrobe with a new look that celebrates the season.

    3. Iced Coffee Seems Much More Appealing
    Some people are hot coffee purists no matter the weather, but others like to drink a little more seasonally. If you find yourself thinking about iced lattes, coffees, or even a decadent frozen concoction with some whipped cream on top, that’s one way to tell that spring has arrived.

    4. You Can’t Stay Inside
    With longer days, more sunshine, and more forgiving temperatures, it’s no wonder people want to be outside in spring. Maybe you’re taking your lunch break outside, or gardening suddenly seems like the best hobby out there. Either way, it means that it’s definitely spring!

    5. The Weather’s Unpredictable!
    It seems that the weather can be at its most unpredictable in the spring. It’s not uncommon to be wearing shorts one day and a parka the next. Even dates as late as Easter can see snowfall! But even if the weather doesn’t do exactly what you’d like on a certain day, rest assured that spring is still definitely on the way!

    Celebrate Spring at Lady Luck®!

    Come celebrate spring with us at Lady Luck® Casino Nemacolin! We are featuring the Ides of March Weather Deals – a special that highlights just how fickle spring weather can be around here. Whether it’s raining, snowing, sunny, or hot, you’ll have a great time gaming this spring at Lady Luck®!

    Ides of March Weather – Details

    The day after a snow storm, or a day where the temperature exceeds 75 degrees in Farmington, PA, come on in for a special point multiplier! The multiplier will coincide with either the amount of snow received the day before (in inches) or how many degrees the day before exceeded 75.

    On these days, all your Fan Club® points will be multiplied by the designated amount between 1pm and 8pm. Happy spring, everyone!
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