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    5 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

    Riding a motorcycle is an amazing feeling, just ask anyone who does! But aside from the exhilarating speeds and automatic cool status you get as soon as you turn the throttle, there are many more reasons you should seriously consider getting yourself a bike. If you’re not already mad about motorcycles, check out these five reasons you should ride one and we bet you change your mind.

    1. They’re cheap to run.
    With gas prices constantly rising, having a fuel-efficient vehicle for everyday transportation is one of the easiest ways to cut down on costs. A decent 250cc motorcycle will get you upward of 85 mpg, which is a lot further than you’ll get with a standard car. Motorcycles are often rewarded with cheaper rates at toll booths and parking lots, too, giving you even more ways to save an extra bit of cash.

    2. They’re environmentally-friendly.
    Since motorcycles use less fuel than other vehicles, they’re automatically more environmentally friendly, but the green benefits don’t stop there. In states where lane splitting is legal, motorcyclists can ride in between other vehicles travelling in the same direction instead of being stuck behind them. This means that your engine is running for less time and putting out fewer harmful emissions into the air.

    3. They’re easy to park almost anywhere.
    Most parking lots have exclusive spots for motorcycles, but even if they’re all full up, bikes are small enough to squeeze into even the tiniest gaps. Being able to park pretty much anywhere you want will save you countless hours and give you more time to spend enjoying the ride, instead of circling lots looking for one elusive space.

    4. It’s a chance to master a new skill.
    Learning something new always feels great and mastering the skills needed to ride a motorcycle is no exception. When you’re in control of a bike, you’ve got to read the road surface and be aware of even the tiniest hazards because they have a much greater impact on motorcycle riders than car drivers. Even physically moving yourself on the bike to get it where you want it to go requires a lot of strength and balance.

    5. For the freedom and adventure.
    A motorcycle is much more than a vehicle to get from A to B. It’s part of an adrenaline-pumping hobby which provides a fast-paced escape from the mundane aspects of everyday life. There’s nothing in the world like speeding down an empty road with only your thoughts and your bike to keep you company.

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