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    5 Fun BBQ Facts!

    Barbecue is a beloved American institution – Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July cookouts wouldn’t be the same without it! All of us here at Lady Luck® Casino Nemacolin are taking part in The Big Pigout, where we’ll be offering savory BBQ-themed specials throughout the month of October. In the spirit of The Big Pigout, let’s see if we can educate you on the delicious barbecue tradition!

    1. Barbecue in America is an older tradition than you might think. Although he might not have the spelling quite right, George Washington mentions having attended a “barbicue” all the way back in 1769.

    2. The largest barbecue competition in the United States is the American Royal World Championship held annually in Kansas City. This event brings in over 500 teams to compete from all over the world. It features an open competition, a sauce contest and a legend’s event for teams who have competed for five or more years. Oh, and did we mention… prizes range up to thousands of dollars!

    3. Barbecue can vary from region to region – in Texas alone, there are four different, distinct styles of barbecue. The cuisine is mainly based on beef, since Texas raises more cattle than any other state. In East Texas, barbecue is smoked over hickory wood after being marinated in a tomato-based sauce; in Central Texas, a peppery rub is the name of the game, after which the meat is smoked over oak or pecan wood; in South Texas, meat is slowly cooked in a thick sauce in which molasses plays a starring role; and in the deep south, a distinctly Central American influence is felt, as the meat is cooked barbacoa-style, in a hole in the ground covered with leaves.

    4. You thought four styles was a lot? Try visiting the Carolinas, where there are six regional specialties on display, all based on pork. Eastern North Carolina showcases chopped pork in a thin vinegar sauce; western North Carolina uses pig shoulder and a vinegar and tomato sauce; the Midlands claim a special sauce made with vinegar, brown sugar, and yellow mustard; western South Carolina employs a tomato and pepper sauce; on the coast, whole hogs are roasted and topped with a piquant, spicy sauce; and in the Piedmont, curing is the way to go, with shoulders, Boston butts, and hams on offer.

    5. Kansas City is considered the barbecue capital of America (though Memphis has been known to challenge that title). The history of barbecue in that city dates back to 1907, when Henry Perry opened a stand that sold smoked meat to Garment District workers. The barbecue was a perfect meal for hungry workers, and Kansas City had a new hit on its hands.

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