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    10 Thoughtful Gift Giving Ideas

    Now that the holidays are here, it’s time for gifts! While it’s great to see a loved one’s face light up with joy when they open the perfect present, it can sometimes be stressful to find the ideal gift. Follow these ten tips to make sure that you get the perfect holiday present for everyone on your list!

    1. Tower of Treats
    A great idea that fits a range of budgets is a tower of treats; a stack of gift boxes with a different treat in each box. They are readily available from retailers, or you could save money by creating your own and filling it with homemade cookies or brownies, fruit, chocolates, candles and more. You can really use your imagination with this gift!

    2. Coupons
    Another gift that doesn’t have to break the bank is a book of coupons. If you have a friend – a new mom, perhaps – that could use some free babysitting or a home cooked meal, a few personal coupons could be the most thoughtful gift she receives all year. Kids love coupons as well – think about fun outings that you both enjoy, like going to the museum, the movies, or out for ice cream.

    3. Charitable Donations
    If you know someone who insists they don’t need anything for themselves, why not make a charitable donation in their name? Find a cause or organization that is dear to them – even a few dollars will mean a lot, both to the charity and the person you’re donating for.

    4. Kitchen Accessories
    Chances are you know at least one person who loves to cook. A thoughtful care package with some nice kitchen accessories, like a mini strainer, a fun apron, or an artisanal salt shaker will make the day of anyone whose favorite room is the kitchen.

    5. Something for the Neighbors
    A fool-proof gift for the neighbors or an office secret Santa party could be premium chocolates. This is a great time of year for sweets, and a nicely wrapped box of chocolates, perhaps topped off with a holiday ornament gift topper, is a delicious way to celebrate the season.

    6. Say it with Succulents
    Succulents are attractive, easy to maintain plants that add a touch of style to any home or office. You can buy pre-planted arrangements at the supermarket or local florist, or create your own with a selection from your local nursery and an interesting planting vessel.

    7. A Gift for the Transplanted
    Do you know someone who’s just moved in the past year? Chances are they may be missing their old home, and a little reminder may be just what’s in order. Maybe they moved from a town with a great coffee roaster, and a bag of beans would be just the thing. Or maybe your friend has a favorite attraction they loved - a small souvenir could be a great way to bring back old memories.

    8. Flowers for the Hostess
    You can make a seasonal arrangement with a nice spray of bright red flowers paired with some small evergreen branches. A great way to amp up this gift is to wrap it in a festive tea towel, making this idea useful as well as decorative.

    9. Go Handmade
    Handmade gifts are always thoughtful, so if you have a skill for handiwork, this is the time to let it shine! Hand-knitted blankets, crocheted ornaments, decoupages – these are the items that become heirlooms.

    10. Give a Blast from the Past
    With online auction sites and antique stores, you can reach into practically anyone’s childhood to give them something that will spark nostalgia. Perhaps you can find a new DVD of their favorite movie when they were 12, or a set of glasses featuring a beloved super hero.

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    Happy holidays, everyone!
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